Bicocca starting grants: two projects from ENU financed

Bicocca starting grants: two projects from ENU financed

Two ENU members are involved in two of the nine proposals that have been selected under the “Bicocca Starting Grants” call for proposals out of a total of 25 projects from 13 different departments:

  • Dr Paola Alberti is the leader of a multidisciplinary team in a project aimed to study the economic impact of peripheral neurotoxicity induced by chemotherapy on society and on individual patients.
  • Dr Alessio Malacrida is part of the team that will focus on developing an innovative device that will exploit the potential of cold plasma – an ionized gas – to reduce the viral and bacterial load in the air.

The nine winners of the Award will lead nine multidisciplinary research teams. The projects will start in January 2021 and will run for twelve months. After the first year, those deemed scientifically most relevant for the activities carried out and for the group’s ability to raise funding even outside the University will be able to count on the renewal which provides for further funding, for a total investment of 720 thousand euros.

Read the press release by University of Milano-Bicocca to get further details (content in italian only, courtasy translation available here)