Mario Bossi

Technical Expert

+39 02 6448 8117
Mario Bossi

Curriculum Vitae


Birth date 3-12-1966, Milan, italy


1989-1993: fellowship granted by

Bruno Ceccarelli Center

Department of Pharmacology

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Technical skills:

  • Thin (microtomy) and ultrathin sectioning (ultramicrotomy) for optical and electronic microscopy
  • Electronic and optical micrography
  • Epoxy and acrylic resin embedding
  • Quick freezing with electrical stimulation
  • Cryosubstitution
  • Freeze etching in high vacuum systems
  • Medium-free fixation methods for Electron Spectroscopic Imaging (E.S.I.)
  • Ultracryomicrotomy and immuno electron microscopy
  • Immunofluorescence for optical microscopy

1993-2000: electron microscopy technician at  DIBIT, S. Raffaele scientific institute

Technical skills:

  • Confocal Microscopy (Zeiss Lsm 01, Biorad mrc 600, Biorad 1024)
  • Digital image systems and analysis for  optical microscopy ( software: Lasersharp 2000, Image Pro Plus, Labwiev, Metamorph)
  • Metal sputtering and rotary shadowing
  • Peroxydase and immunoperoxydase
  • Ultrathin serial sectioning and 3d reconstruction

2001-2017: electron microscopy technician at the Department of  Neuroscienze e Tecnologie Biomediche (Now School of Medicine and Surgery)

Technical skills:

  • Digital image systems and analysis for  electronic microscopy  ( software: ITEM)
  • Digital image systems and analysis for morphometry  (software: Leica Qwin)
  • Automatic resin embedding (leica EmTp)
  • Imaging deconvolution
  • 3d reconstruction in optical microscopy (Biorad Radiance 2100 microscope)
  • Negative staining
  • Metal sputtering for scanning microscopy
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Image j software platform – drivers & devices, macros, morphometry



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