Olga Tarasiuk


+39 02 6448 8110
Olga Tarasiuk

Curriculum Vitae


Tarasiuk Olga was born in Ukraine 22 April 1989. She received bachelor and master education in Biomedical Science at University of Hasselt, Belgium. In 2018 she received a PhD degree in Biotechnology and Medical Science at University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy. During her PhD she engineered recombinant monoclonal humanized antibodies against a target protein involved in cancer progression that can be used as a potential drug for cancer immunotherapy. Nowadays she is working on a project that tries to identify biomarkers for neuroinflammation as a mechanism of neuropathy caused by cytotoxic treatment.  Moreover, she is involved in the project that studies interplay between Mesenchymal Stem Cells and peripheral nervous system to describe prosurvival effect on neurons.



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