Postdoc Department

  • Elisa Ballarini Postdoc

    Elisa Ballarini

    Curriculum Vitae   Born 1982, she graduated in Medical Biotechnology in 2009 and she got the PhD…

  • Paola Alberti Postdoc

    Paola Alberti

    Curriculum Vitae Paola Alberti was born in Como in 1985.  EDUCATION AND TRAINING July 2010: Degree:…

  • Alessio Malacrida Postdoc

    Alessio Malacrida

    Curriculum Vitae Alessio Malacrida graduated in Medical Biotechnology in 2013 and in 2017 he got the PhD…

  • Cristina Meregalli Postdoc

    Cristina Meregalli

    Curriculum Vitae She graduated in Medical Biotechnology in 2008 and in 2011 she obtained a PhD…

  • Laura Monza Postdoc

    Laura Monza

    Curriculum Vitae Born in 1988, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in 2012 and her…

  • Sara Semperboni Postdoc

    Sara Semperboni

    Curriculum Vitae Sara Semperboni was born in Clusone (Bg) on May 26, 1987. She graduated in…

  • Olga Tarasiuk Postdoc

    Olga Tarasiuk

    Curriculum Vitae   Tarasiuk Olga has been born in Ukraine 22 April 1989. She received bachelor…